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Welcome and thank you for visiting DongSuh Machinery Co. on the internet.

DongSuh Machinery Co. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of LINE STATIC MIXER and EJECTOR(Vacuum system) to the Korea and overseas market.

Our goals are to design,manufacture and market new technology and innovation products.

The manufacturing facility uses some of the latest machinery in the production machinery and processes to ensure its manufacturing methods reflect modern production practices.

DongSuh are committed to a policy of total quality assurance and operate from a position of knowledge and authority within the line mixing, vacuum generation, heating industry and is happy to work with other companies in partnerships
dedicated to solving line mixing and vacuum generation problems.

To take advantage of our expertise in the line mixing, vacuum generation, heating business contact the 'DONGSUH' on the numbers with below details.

DongSuh is an earnest company making products like growing a precious plant.
DongSuh is close neighbor sharing the pride that your choice was best.

Very sincerely yours,